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We have 1 Black SSB, 1 Black Tort SSD (proven), and 1 Siamese Sable SJD available at this time!

Website Updated on August 14, 2017

Pictured Below: GC Floppytrail's Toledo BOB at PaSRBA 2016
Photographed by: Erin Tilkin

 Welcome to Sweet Tooth Rabbitry!

We specialize in breeding high quality show and brood Holland Lops with wonderful sweet dispositions. All of our Holland lop kits are hand raised indoors and handled daily from birth until the day they leave to their new home. Every rabbit is handled with care and is given proper nutrition to support a healthy immune system, provide strong bones, a shiny lush coat and longevity. On top of that, every rabbit comes with a transitional supply of “Kalmbach" 18% gold show/breeder feed, timothy/orchard hay, a care sheet, a pedigree (show/brood quality only) or birth certificate (pet quality) and lifetime customer support. 

As a current member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), and Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club (HLRSC) we strive to meet the standard of perfection in our Holland Lops. We have been exclusively working with the Holland Lop breed for the past few years to maintain a stable line that produces quality rabbits with unbeatable docile temperaments. We take pride in breeding the finest quality rabbits in shaded colors; all breeding's are done selectively to achieve the "standard of perfection" with each litter. If you are looking for a top notch Holland Lop at a reasonable price then look no further!

Please look around the site and don't hesitate to Contact us! Thank you and we hope you enjoy looking at our beautiful rabbits just as much as we do.

*Located in N. Charleston, SC 29420*

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